Mastisol Medical Adhesive


Introducing Mastisol – Superior Latex-Free Medical Adhesive for Long-lasting Security

Mastisol is a superior latex-free liquid medical adhesive specifically formulated to provide long-lasting adhesion for dressings, tapes, and select medical devices, ensuring secure attachment over an extended duration

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Introducing Mastisol – Superior Latex-Free Medical Adhesive for Long-lasting Security

Mastisol is a cutting-edge latex-free liquid medical adhesive that excels in securely fastening dressings, tapes, and specific medical devices, ensuring a prolonged period of reliable attachment. This remarkable adhesive offers a range of benefits that enhance wound care and device management while prioritizing patient comfort and safety.

Key Features and Benefits of Mastisol:

  • Reduced Likelihood of Displacement: Mastisol’s robust formulation minimizes the chances of dressing displacement and medical device dislodgement, providing peace of mind and uninterrupted care.
  • Enhanced Infection Prevention: By creating a long-lasting occlusive barrier, Mastisol significantly reduces the risk of device-related infections, promoting a healthier healing environment.
  • Improved Nurse Efficiency: Mastisol’s durable adhesion decreases the need for unplanned dressing changes, optimizing nurse efficiency and streamlining patient care.
  • Versatile Adhesion: Mastisol enhances the adhesive power of various adhesive tapes, dressings, and medical devices, ensuring steadfast attachment across different applications.
  • Compatible with CHG: Mastisol is fully compatible with chlorhexidine gluconate (CHG), offering added convenience and versatility for healthcare settings.
  • Low Risk and Latex-Free: Mastisol boasts a latex-free composition, providing a low-risk solution for patients with latex sensitivities while ensuring optimal wound care.
  • With Mastisol, you can trust in a latex-free medical adhesive that delivers exceptional adhesion and lasting security, supporting better wound care outcomes and improved patient experiences.

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